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Model Mfg Year Mfg Ser # Series
R2700 BL 1960 Pilot Run 50- , 136
R2700A BL 1961 Late 127,136,160
T2700S BL 1961 144
T2700 BL 1961  
S9 BL 1961 Late 141,145,151,233
23/S9 BL 1962 023,123
Compact BL 1962  
Mobilaire Vocoline 1962  
Drake BL 1963 230,276,324,333
Eagle R27 BL 1964-66 414,443,462,463,464,
Eagle S23 BL 1964-66 452,453,514,543,562,
Raven BL 1965 853
Golden Eagle 68R BL 1967-68 401,412,413,473,483
Golden Eagle 68T BL 1967-68 501,512,513,583,594
Eaglette Pace June 1968-1969 881, First 1000 pcs.
GE Mark II 69R BL Feb 1969 413,493
GE Mark II 69T BL Feb 1969 513,593
GE Mark II BB30 BL Oct 1969  
Mark 100 Linear Amp Contex Late 1969-70  
Eaglette II Pace May 1969-70 885,886 some 887 to
GE Mark II SSB15 BL May 1970 973
GE Mark II Transadapter BL May 1970 No Serial Numbers
BBM Business Pace March 1970 000
AC 180 Linear Amp BL April 1970 121,131,134,141,173
DC 170 Linear Amp BL May 1970 273
Eaglette III Pace Oct 1970 887,888
XM888 Scanner Peterson July 1971 1000,
SST Toshiba Aug 1971 T10000,
GE Mark III RX BL Jan 1972 421,
GE Mark III SSB/AM TX BL Jan 1972 921
GE Mark III AM BL Feb 1972 521
LTD Toshiba April 1973 S10000,
SL550 Linear Amp Vibatrol Jan 1974 10000,
SL1000 Linear Amp DowCom Nov 1974 No Serial Number
Brownie Toshiba Nov 1974 B10000,
Sabre Toshiba Sept 1976 G01000,
GE Mark IV RX BL 1976  
GE Mark IV SSB/AM TX BL 1976  
GE Mark IVA RX BL 1978  
GE Mark IVA TX BL 1978  
Baron Toshiba 40 channel    
Lancer Toshiba 40 Channel Limited Production 1500 units total
Below is a listing of all CB radios, their manufacturer years made, and each series' 3 digit serial number prefix.  I am indebted to Mr. Phil Nichols, former VP of Engineering for Browning Laboratories, and later owner of Nichols Electronics for providing me a copy of this data.  Phil kept a personal record of the CB products sold by Browning Laboratories from 1960 through 1978.  Phil graciously provided me this list over 15 years ago, and to my knowledge, this information has never been published before.

PLEASE - if you wish to refer to this information on your website, please link to this page.  It took some time to build this page and I would appreciate this work remaining intact with the appropriate credit to Mr. Nichols.
CB Units Sold by Browning Laboratories

Mfg - the manufacturer of the Model listed.  BL = Browning Laboratories
Year Mfg - Date range model was manufactured
Ser # Series  First three digits of Model's serial number.  Multiple groups of 3 indicate production runs
NOTE: Blank cells were not given any data by Mr. Nichols. It does not indicate that serial numbers were not used.
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